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I'm Øystein Wika, a Norwegian guitarist with a diverse portfolio encompassing music production, songwriting, composition, graphic design, multimedia design and web application development. Since my youth, I've been fueled by a passion for music, playing guitar in various bands, mentoring over 150 budding guitarists, and creating a vast array of original music. I'm currently channeling my energy to record and release my music from the mid-'80s to mid-'90s while also gearing up to launch Soundlib.io, a select Production Music Library.

Hailing from a family of music teachers in the quaint town of Mosjøen, music has been my companion since childhood. My mother, a classically trained singer, and my father, a jazz trumpeter and arranger, were my earliest mentors. At six, I began formal classical piano lessons and later ventured into the realms of drums and eventually electric guitar. As a teenager, I developed a penchant for rock music, inspired by legends like Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, and Black Sabbath. Throughout my teenage years, I honed my skills as a guitarist in various local rock bands.

Eager to amalgamate my passion for music with academics, I moved to Trondheim to study Musicology at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. This period deepened my comprehension of music's complexity, structure, and historical context, leading to a profound shift in my musical journey. During these years, I founded the band Madboy and later a power trio playing instrumental music. I composed original music for both bands, aiming to record and release the music. Unfortunately, none of the bands got that far. Recording costs were astronomical in the late 80s and early 90s. Somewhat disheartened by this experience, I decided to broaden my academic scope instead. I acquired a BA in Media and Communication, paving the way for a unique career path intertwining my love for music with an in-depth understanding of technology and digital media.

My foray into the digital media and web development reflects my ambition to merge my musical passion with emerging tech. Among my initial projects was a time-saving application for the Norwegian Centre for Traditional Music and Dance, significantly simplifying their tape archiving process. My career trajectory includes leading the development of the National Tests in Mathematics in Norway and co-founding and managing the Adobe User Group in Norway.

Even as I delved into digital innovations, music remained my steadfast companion. In 2020, I decided to devote myself wholly to my musical journey. Equipped with diverse experiences and skills, I established a home recording studio where I'm currently working on the production of music I composed between 1985 and 1995. My music, influenced by pop-rock, heavier rock, and progressive metal genres, carries a unique melodic voice and bluesy undertones reminiscent of icons like Eddie Van Halen and Jimmy Page.

Besides reviving my previously unreleased music, I'm also directing my music ardor and tech prowess into my latest venture: Soundlib.io. This specially curated production music library aspires to offer video creators, game, film/TV producers, and music supervisors a hassle-free avenue to discover and license distinctive, artist-driven music — beginning with my own creations.

Looking ahead, I am excited about the possibilities that lie at the intersection of music and technology, eager to share my music with audiences and creators globally, and enthusiastic about embarking on new collaborative ventures in the ever-evolving digital sphere.

Stay tuned for the exciting journey ahead!
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Born April 26, 1968