Øystein Wika - Bio

Øystein Wika, a pioneering force in the world of music and technology, is set to redefine the landscape of hard rock instrumental music. His journey from a guitarist and composer to a music producer and tech entrepreneur is a narrative woven with passion, innovation, and resilience.

With a keen ear for the nuances of rock, Wika's sound encapsulates the power and dynamism of legends like Led Zeppelin, Jeff Beck, and Van Halen. Drawing inspiration from a vast repertoire penned between 1985 and 1995, Wika is ready to bring to life a collection of 33 instrumental tracks across three albums. This timeless music, nurtured in his home recording studio, is a testament to Wika's adept musicianship and bold creativity.

Venturing into nostalgic terrain, Wika also plans to resurrect the spirit of Madboy, his rock band from the late '80s. This previously unreleased music leans into the alternative styles of the '90s and showcases a side of Wika that has yet to be explored by his listeners. Each song is an echo of his past, a piece of his history that will now find a place in the present.

Wika's collaborations hold another exciting promise. He's currently writing music with Steinar Eikum, a founding member and ex-bassist of the renowned Norwegian Metal band, TNT. Together, they are crafting tracks for several artists in Norway, leaving their unique imprint on the nation's musical narrative.

But Wika's sphere of influence extends far beyond the stage and the recording studio. With the upcoming launch of Soundlib.io, a boutique Production Music Library, he is creating a specialized outlet for video creators, film/TV producers, and music supervisors in need of custom-written production music. This niche library will cater specifically to creators and producers seeking high-energy, action-packed tracks for projects like extreme sports videos, action games, and adrenaline-fueled content. By offering unique, artist-focused music tailored to these genres, Wika is providing a curated resource that resonates with the vision and energy of such projects.

Øystein Wika is not just a musician or a tech entrepreneur - he is a bridge between two worlds that continue to shape our lives in profound ways. Keep an eye on this space, as Wika is poised to set new trends in music and tech with his upcoming releases and ventures.