Long Bio

Øystein Wika, born in 1968 in Lørenskog, has spent decades in musical and digital media landscapes, carving a niche for himself in each domain. From his early days in Mosjøen to his ventures in Oslo, his journey has been marked by dedication, innovation, and adaptability.

Growing up in Mosjøen, Wika's interest in music was evident early on. By 1987, he relocated to Trondheim to pursue music studies at the University of Trondheim. Over the next eight years, he immersed himself in music history and theory and began composing a significant body of instrumental guitar music. Wika harbored ambitions of professionally recording these compositions in a studio setting, with aspirations to release them to a broader audience. He envisioned these tracks as a personal project and a foundation to build a career within the small sub-genre of instrumental guitar rock. However, due to financial constraints, these compositions remained as 4-track demos. Wika also taught guitar during this period, sharing his knowledge with over 150 students.

In 1995, Wika moved to Oslo. Initially considering the establishment of a recording studio, he soon found himself drawn to the emerging World Wide Web. By 1997, he had launched WIKA Media and later co-founded ImageVoice. These ventures saw him designing web applications and sites, quickly establishing a reputation in the digital domain.

His skills led to significant projects. By 2001, Wika was working on interactive learning applications, and from 2004 to 2006, he played a key role as Senior System Architect for the National Tests in Mathematics in Norway. This demanding phase meant a temporary pause in his musical endeavors.

By 2017, Wika felt the urge to return to music. He began equipping himself for this transition, and in 2020, he moved back to Mosjøen and set up a modern studio. The move first involved restoring old demos and refocusing on his musical craft. Then, in 2022, he finally began the official recording sessions for his debut solo album, a collection of years of unreleased instrumental rock guitar music.

Wika's music, which ranges from pop-rock to progressive metal, is influenced by legends like Jimi Hendrix, Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page, David Gilmour, and Eddie Van Halen. However, he has always maintained a distinct style. His compositions, characterized by clear melodies and powerful riffs, will position him as a significant figure in the instrumental rock guitar genre.

In summary, Øystein Wika's journey reflects his commitment to both music and digital media. His contributions in each field stand as a testament to his versatility and dedication.