Short Bio

Øystein Wika, guitarist, composer, and music producer (born April 26th, 1968, in Lørenskog, Norway), began his musical journey in the northern town of Mosjøen. By age six, he was already immersed in classical piano, later transitioning to the electric guitar during his teenage years. In 1987, Wika relocated to Trondheim to study musicology, where he delved deep into music history and theory. During this period, he composed a significant collection of instrumental guitar pieces, though the prohibitive studio costs of the era meant many of these compositions remained unrecorded.

In 1995, Wika transitioned to Oslo, marking a shift in his career towards the digital realm. He founded WIKA Media AS in 1997, a venture that significantly contributed to the EdTech sector, notably developing a platform for the National Tests in Mathematics. Collaborations during this period included esteemed institutions such as The Municipality of Oslo, The Norwegian Directorate for Education and Training, and the University of Oslo. Despite his tech endeavors, Wika's passion for music remained undiminished, and he continued to compose.

2020 saw Wika's return to Mosjøen and a renewed focus on music with the launch of This platform offers a curated selection of guitar-driven rock compositions tailored for creators seeking distinctive and high-quality soundtracks. Currently, Wika is recording the instrumental guitar music he composed over three decades ago, with plans for a forthcoming release.

Wika's unique blend of expertise in both music and technology has positioned him at the intersection of these two worlds, allowing for a holistic approach to his projects. His works are a testament to his dedication to the arts and continuous innovation pursuit.